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Eyeglasses and sunglasses


We work with doctors who participate regularly in all industry OFTALMO Congresses (Paris / MOLIS, Milan / MIDO, Istanbul, Budapest, Brasov, Sinaia ..) and keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.

The medical optics staff attended optical lenses and frames exhibitions both into the country and abroad.
Ophthalmology / optometry cabinet provides the following medical services:
• prescribing glasses by autorefractometrie computer (computer diopter setting) -
   for adults and children over 7 years;
• encouraging patients not to use glasses (sunglasses) than after a control
   optometric / ophthalmic performed by specialized staff (optometrist / ophthalmologist) and
   with specialized equipment;
• examination of the anterior and posterior pole of the eye by direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy;
• examination and prescription of contact lenses (spherical and toric) and cosmetics Baush & Lomb,
   CIBA, VISIONA, JOHNSON&JOHNSON etc with wearing of one day, one month, three months or a

In the cabinet of ophthalmology equipped with latest equipment, it is possible to tackle, diagnose and treat various diseases of patients:
• refraction vices;
• cross eye;
• amblyopia (lazy eye);
• web eye;
• infection and inflammation of the eye and orbit;
• obstruction of lacrimal pathways;
• trauma.
Patients requiring further investigation will be guided by our doctors to Bucharest's University Hospital.

Equipment facilities - is the latest and meets European health standards
- diopter determination is an essential step in prescription spectacles;
- measurements are made electronically, using the latest generation - Autorefkeratotonometru;

- is successfully used in ocular biomicroscopy examination;
- after this examination are detected lesions in the eyelids, conjunctiva, sclera, cornea, anterior segment examination, iris, pupil and lens;

- high-performance projector test allows assessment of visual acuity of the patient;
- testing addresses to a child, adult or illiterate topic;
- device is distinguished by testing drawings, E-test, the test fusion stereoscopy, specific tests for strabismus and diplopia assessment.

- equipped with table for apparatus, manual or fully automatic;
- offers advanced features in the limited possible space;
- these functions include elevation table and automatic positioning, complete control panel and seat move in all directions.

- measurement is performed using lensmetrelor lenses, ultra high performance computer equipment that ensures the highest accuracy in measuring diopter correction lenses and contact air.
- to view the details of the posterior pole, with appreciation anomaly of the retina, choroid, or optic nerve.


Retinal optical coherence tomography became international standard in the diagnosis and follow-retinal diseases and glaucoma, as well as response to therapy; tomography of the anterior segment of the eye is allowing highlighting changes in the cornea, anterior chamber angle and iris.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a new technology, non-invasive, non-contact. It allows capturing cross-sections of retinal structures, the optic nerve and cornea at a very fine resolution (below 10 microns).
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